A Slice of Island Life

El Fortin Conde de Mirassol

El Fortin Conde de Mirassol

Once in a while we all need  to take a break and just enjoy our surroundings. Let’s take a look around this little known Caribbean Island.

The photo above is of the last Spanish Fort built in the Western hemisphere. It was never completed by the Spanish. It acted as a jail for a time during the mid 1900’s. It is now a wonderful museum.

A banana flower

A banana flower

Bananas and Plantains are a staple in every one’s diet and yard here. They not only produce food, they also attract some of our feathered friends.

A Bananaquit feeding on a banana flower

A Bananaquit feeding on a banana flower

A Humminbird feeding at the banana flower

A Hummingbird feeding at the banana flower

There are flowers to admire also.

An explosion of red

An explosion of red

A Purple Canaria Vine

A Purple Canaria Vine

We have some other Fauna here.



The Spanish left behind the Paso Fino breed of horses which have adapted into a type of stray known here as a “sato”. They roam freely…drivers beware.

Mom and her kids.

Mom and her kids.

As in most Caribbean Islands chickens are part and parcel of every day life. They are a mixed breed and free range. They are amazingly hardy and forage for themselves.

Sometimes a chicken shows some love

Sometimes a chicken shows some love

There is more to come.

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  1. So lovely.. i want a ‘sato’ and some of the beautiful chickens cruising around my house..

    • forrest, If you can catch one of those “satos” it’s yours. Get your Rowdy Yates Chaps on and lasso one up! The chickens are much easier to bring to hand and are a marvel to watch and feed.

  2. That is so nice. I once traveled to Trinidad and Tobago and those pictures reminded me of my stay. Except for the horses which reminded me of my childhood on the farm.

    Great job Rum Runner!

    • Chip, Thanks so much and I’m complimented that I was able to rekindle good memories.

  3. very nice blog going –life on the Caribbean Island sounds sweet. Brings back my days of living in Puerto

    • I know many Perez’s…Some of them come from Maine.

  4. Jim I thought “satos” were the perro libre’s? Im laughing because the other day my wife told me about the sort of bag you have your flippers in and how it related to the chickens. Timing is everything. Thank you a ton for bringing back great visions of PR.

    • James. At least here on Vieques any mixed breed animal is called a sato…or satita.

      Glad you and the MRS enjoy the visions!

  5. Hi, Jim! I can’t wait until you have a chance to direct us, personally, to these beatiful scenes! Great photography, BTW!

    • Thanks Wally! It will be my pleasure when that time comes.

  6. Hi. I found your site by reading your posts on the Ministry of Rum. I am working in Vieques, off and on for a few more months, and would be very thankful for any guidance on where to buy “unique” or PR rums in Vieques.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Charles. Send me an email and I’ll help you as best I can.

  7. aaah it all seems so easy, just pick up and head on over.

    • Leah, It’s easy if one wishes to make it happen.

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