Tasting Notes: Zaya Gran Reserva Rum

Made in Trinidad

Made in Trinidad

I’m not going to get into the debate whether the “old” Zaya made in Guatemala was better than the new iteration being made in Trinidad. I wouldn’t mind having a go at in a proper venue with samples of both present. Alas that’s not happening today.

Blends of rum and virtually all aged blended spirits are not static and the flavor profile can change occasionally for many reasons. Not just with private labels such as this one but even with long established distillers marques. So let us not cry in our soup…or rum. Instead let us enjoy a glass.

A pleasing deep copper color with a red hue leads to a soft vanilla aroma with a spicy alcohol kick. Chocolate and oak are playing nicely together in the background.

Very full bodied on the palate where vanilla and white chocolate flavors predominate. Sweetness really comes across on the middle of the tongue followed by a serving of spicy heat on the finish.

A high quality and distinctive rum. Sweet with heat and just enough flavor interest to carry it all off well.

The USA importer Wilson Daniels LTD. is well known for their sophisticated packaging and this offering is no exception. The quality of the bottle used is impressive alone.

90 Points

Tasted September 26, 2009

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  1. Another spot on write up!!

    • Thanks forrest!

  2. I’m a big fan of Zaya; it’s my favorite rum. The whole old Zaya/new Zaya debate is old already. Guatemalan Zaya is gone while the Trinidad Zaya is still an amazing rum. I’m more than pleased with it and will continue to hoard it as my private rum, or the rum I share only with special friends. I love it that much.

    • Edge, Thanks for your comment. I agree the old/new debate is old. That’s why I do not want to get into it. Zaya is a great rum. Happy hoarding!

  3. Had a dram of this over the weekend Jim and it was lovely. Your review hits it on the head with the chocolate notes. It hits you hard with the vanilla which I like but there was something underneath which I couldn’t put a name on. You got it perfect.

    • It’s a great big mouthful. Delightful.

  4. I loaned friends a table saw and a miter saw, and as thanks they gave me an excellant home grilled steak dinner and a bottle of Zaya. Hell’s bells, I would have traded them the saws for the Zaya! What a wonderful treat. Makes awaiting winter with a crackling fireplace and a full snifter much more appetizing!

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